SIMS Parent

Have you signed up for SIMS Parent?

As part of our drive to improve the information we provide to parents, we are introducing the SIMS Parent app and webpage. This facility connects with our school records to provide information to you in a more timely fashion. The app is free and available for iOS and Android and there is also a web version for Windows devices and notebook/desktop computers.

With SIMS Parent, you will initially be able to;

  • View your child’s timetable
  • Access Interim and Full Reports as soon as they are published. Additionally, all reports will remain available for reference purposes
  • Request changes to contact details which will be reflected on your child’s records here at school
  • Access information about your child’s attendance
  • See events on the School Calendar which affect your child’s class/year group.

We plan to add more features over time, including access to homework information and a more tailored calendar. In future, printed reports will be sent home only to those parents who have no email access, and all reporting will be through the app.

Invitation emails come from and contain an activation code. Invitations are being rolled out by year group such that by Easter everyone with an email address should have been invited. The activation code lasts 14 days, so if your code has expired you will need to contact the school for a new code.

Received your invitation?

Click here for the instructions for registering to use the service.

 Already signed up?

Great – here is the link to the webpage, for those not using the app:-


Please contact Mrs Evans (email code EVA) if you have any questions or need some help getting set up.