Monitoring Progress

When your child joins The Warwick, we will consider primary school reports, Key Stage 2 results and our own screening test results to set appropriate expectancies for your child(ren). We believe it is important to review children’s progress continuously and to provide regular feedback for you and your child. In this way we can work together to ensure that students are being challenged and encouraged to achieve their best, as well as developing personally and socially.

When we report on your child’s progress throughout the year you will also be given the teacher’s judgement on student’s Attitude to Learning. A full explanation of what these judgements mean can be found here.

In addition to feeding back homework and class work regularly, we hold formal examinations in the Summer term each year and students improve their revision and examination techniques through tests and assessments throughout the year. The teaching staff meet to review students’ progress formally each term. Students agree targets for the term with their form Tutor. You will be kept informed as follows:

Year 7

October – Parents’ Evening with Form Tutors, who give guidance on helping your child. They also discuss arrangements for particularly gifted children, where this is appropriate.
December – Interim Report
March – Interim Report and Parents’ Evening
July – Full Report

Year 8

November – Interim Report
April – Full Report and Parents’ Evening
June – Interim Report

Year 9

November – Review of Targets and Interim Report
January – Full Report and Parents’ Evening about choices of Y10 courses

February – Parents’ Evening
April – Interim Report

July – Interim Report

Year 10

October – Review of Challenge Targets

November – Interim Report and Parents’ Evening

January – Review of Challenge Targets
March – Interim Report

April – Review of Challenge Targets
May – Full Report

June – Review of Challenge Targets

July – Parents’ Evening

Year 11

October – Interim Report and Parents’ Evening

November – Review of Challenge Targets
January – Interim Report, Mock Exam Report and Parents’ Evening plus Review of Challenge Targets

March – Full Report

April – Review of Challenge Targets

Additionally you are notified of your child’s teaching sets in individual subjects and of any changes to these. Teaching sets are kept under review and can be changed at any time during the year.

We ask you to sign your child’s Record Book each week and to monitor exercise books and homework as appropriate. If you become concerned about your child’s progress, we encourage you to contact the School Office to make an appointment with the Head of Year.