SEND (Special Educational Needs/Disabled) students are well served by The Warwick School. The pages in this section will provide parents and carers, as well as other stakeholders, with details of the support given. All enquiries related to SEND concerns should be directed in the first instance towards our SENCO (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator), Mrs K Scarsbrook:

SEND Code of Practice

A Guide to SEND

SEN Policy

School Information Report – The online hub for 0-25 year olds with special educational needs or a disability

Whole School Provision Mapping

Special Educational Needs & Disabilities Code of Practice

The School’s SEND Register and Provision Mapping

Some students at the Warwick may be placed on the SEND Register at different stages dependent on their need. Students can be removed from the register at any time based on their progress.

From September 2014, the way students are listed changes. Instead of the former stages of ‘School Action’ and ‘School Action Plus’, there is a single category known as ‘School Support’.
The emphasis is on what is being put in place via the school’s own resources to respond to an identified need and to close the learning gap.

All schools are required to identify school support as waves of provision – part of a graduated approach to meeting additional needs.
Provision Mapping shows how the whole school plans and supports this graduated approach.

Our provision maps are currently drawn up for each broad curricular area and can be viewed by clicking on the relevant curriculum/pastoral area below:


Computing/Business Studies


EPA (Expressive and Performing Arts)


Learning Support


Modern Foreign Languages




Provisions are identified related to ‘Wave’ descriptors as outlined below:

Wave 1

These are universal provisions – what every student is able to access in our school, regardless of additional needs. They are nothing ‘over and above’, or ‘additional to or different from’ what would be available to any other learner. There is a clear emphasis in the new Code of Practice on the development of excellent Wave 1 provisions within the classroom, to prevent many learning ‘hiccups’ from becoming more ingrained difficulties.

Wave 2

These are provisions available from in-school resources, ‘over and above’ Wave 1, which we use to boost progress / close the gap. They will be targeted at an identified need. It may well be that Wave 2 provisions are more likely to be short-term. These provisions are a whole-school responsibility and take place within each faculty or pastoral area.

Wave 3

These are provisions available from both in-school specific SEND-budget provision and external agencies, as part of the graduated response in meeting more complex additional needs, including Statements and EHCPs.These provisions and programmes may well be far more long-term and will typically be those that the school’s SEND team is mostly closely involved with planning, delivering and monitoring, together with pastoral and faculty colleagues. It may also include off-site provisions e.g. Route 4. From Sept 2014, any new ‘statements’ issued will be called EHCPs – Education, Health & Care Plans, and current Government advice is that within 3 years, all Statements will be converted into EHCPs.