Staff List

We welcome our parents/carers to contact us via e-mail at any time. Please use the staff code from the form below and add e.g.

AD ADAM Miss Rachel Assistant Head of Year 11/Interim Head of Drama
XAN AKBAR Mrs Maria Teaching Assistant
AK AKHAVAN Miss Ariana Assistant Headteacher – Inclusion
ANS ANSARI Mrs Shazia Finance Manager
AP APPIAH Mr Anthony Maths 11 Hawking
AV AVERY Mrs Lynn Science 11 Barrow
BS BASSO Mrs Mirella Deputy Headteacher/Technology
BL BELL Mrs Ruth Route 3 Co-ordinator/Humanities
BW BLACKWELL Mrs Amy Assistant Headteacher
BOR BOORMAN Mrs Kim Student Performance Officer
BN BROWN Ms Katarzyna (Kat) Maths 7 Seacole
XBC BUCHANAN Mrs Sheena Teaching Assistant
BRL BURRELL Mrs Suzanne Food and Art Technician
CN CAMERON Dr Amy Science 9 Barrow
CRL CARROLL Mrs Lynda Home School Link Worker
CAR CARTWRIGHT Mrs Tina Secretary/Receptionist
CE CASEY Miss Georgia English 9 Hawking
CS CHASE Mr Gavin Head of Year 8/RE/History
CHE CHENERY Mrs Louise Senior Science Technician
CO COOKE Mr Jason Technology 7 Turing
CA COSTA Mr Michael Head of Faculty (Expressive & Performing Arts)
XCR CRIPPS Miss Sarah Teaching Assistant
DS DAVIES Mrs Sian Interim Head of Faculty (Humanities/MFL)
DAV DAVIS Mr Graham  ICT Manager
DA DAVIS Mrs Sarah  HOY10/Key Stage 3 Learning and Progress/PE
DW DILWORTH Mrs Sophie AHOY 7/English
XDO DOBBE Mrs Kelly Teaching Assistant
EHR Ehren Mrs Karen HR Officer
XEP EMPTAGE Mr Andy Teaching Assistant
XEM EMPTAGE Mrs Bex EAL Coordinator/Teaching Assistant
EVA EVANS Mrs Vanessa Data, Reporting and Assessment Assistant
ET EVERETT Mr John Science Technician/Extended Curriculum Coordinator
FA FANSO Ms Bongyong Teacher of MFL 9 Darwin
FER FERREIRA Mr Nelson Caretaker
FIS FISH Ms Lesley PA to Headteacher
XFK FRANKLIN Mrs Tracy Teaching Assistant
FR FROST Mrs Paula Humanities 7 Hawking
GR GARDNER Mr Jolyon Cover Supervisor – Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
GD GOULD Miss Lucy 2 I/C English and Alternative Provision 8 Barrow
GY GRAY Mrs Kathryn Director of Science (Head of Science/Computing, ICT and Business)
XHA HAMPSON Mrs Sandy Route 4 Co-ordinator
HA HANSON Mr James PE and Maths 7 Barrow
HN HARRISON Mrs Jane Interim Head of Spanish/MFL 9 Nightingale
XHE HEARD Mrs Alison Upper Dice Coordinator
HSN HOOSON Mr David Caretaker
XHN HORTON Mrs Iris Teaching Assistant
HOW HOWELL Mrs Sophie PA to Deputy Headteachers
HY HYDE Miss Nicola Geography 11 Seacole
HMA HYMAS Miss Kay Librarian
IN IND Miss Rachel  Art/Lead Practitioner/School Direct Lead 10 Hawking
IV IVES Mr Michael Director of Maths
JH JHUBOO Mr Darren Maths 9 Seacole
XKE KELLY Miss Sobia Teaching Assistant
KL KENDALL Mrs Victoria Head of Faculty -Design, Technology and Art
XKN KNIGHT Mrs Scarlett Teaching Assistant
LR LAKER Mr Chris Science 8 Hawking
LAW LAWRENCE Mrs Lynette Code of Practice Administrator
LEE LEE Miss Stephanie Senior IT Technician
LT LOCKHART Mrs Florence  Assistant Head of Year 8/Head of Drama
LK LOCKHART Mr Michael Assistant Headteacher/PE
LH LOUGHRAN Mrs Emma Business, Marketing & Communications Coordinator
XLY LYNN Mrs Fiona Teaching Assistant
XMA MACKAY Mr Paul Teaching Assistant
MX MADDOX Mrs Becky  Assistant HOY 9/PE/Dance
SBM MADEN Mrs Ellen School Business Manager
MZ MANZOOR Miss Sadia Head of Year 10/English
MA MARTIN Mr David Second in Charge – Maths 8 Austen
MR MARTIN Mr Rob Head of Computing and Business Studies 11 Nightingale
MCG MCGRAIN Mrs Elizabeth Pastoral Secretary
ME MESSINA-PERSAD Mrs Nesha Head of RE 10 Darwin
ML MILES Mr Ian Key Stage 4 Learning and Progress/Head of Geography (Maternity) 8 Darwin
MI MILLER-DANVERS Mrs Raquel Head of Year 9/English
MT MITCHELL Mr Aaron Technology 7 Darwin
MU MUENDO Mr Alex Maths 11MU
XMU MURPHY Mrs Lucy Teaching Assistant
NL NOLAN Mrs Sue Head of PE 10 Nightingale
OY OAKEY Miss Sarah Assistant HOY 8/Geography
KO OAKLEY Miss Kerry Headteacher
OM OMITOLA Mr Adetokunboh (Toks) Business Studies and Computing 10 Barrow
OR ORSINI Mr Fabio Spanish 9 Barrow
OS OSBORNE Miss Sarah Head of History/Humanities 8 Nightingale
OT OUTHWAITE Mrs Helen Maths 8 Seacole
PM PALMER Miss Emma PE 8 Turing
PCE PEARCE Mrs Jane Student Pathways Manager
PTR PIETRUSZEWSKI Mr Richard Premises Manager
PL POWELL Mr Horace Food Technology 10 Seacole
PC PRICE Miss Amy Science 7Austen
PUL PULLEN Mrs Heidi Science Technician
QUA QUAYNOR Miss Michelle Finance Assistant
REY REYNOLDS Mrs Susan Student Attendance/Student Services
RKD RICKARD Ms Christine Cover Supervisor/Pastoral Teaching Assistant 10 Turing
RB ROBINSON Mrs Sarah Science 11 Darwin
RL ROLT Mr Stephen Deputy Headteacher/Science
SB SCARSBROOK Mrs Karin Head of Faculty (SEN)
SO SCOTT Mrs Nicola  Head of Art
SH SHAH Mr Ajmal KS3/STEM Co-ordinator 9 Turing
SA SHARMA Mrs Kirti Science
SY SHAUGHNESSY Mrs Catherine Head of MFL
SM SMITH Mr Andrew Interim HOY 10/Science
ST SMITH Mrs Caryn Science 8 Austen
XSM SMITH Mrs Jane SEN Administrator
SD STAFFORD Mr Ben Senior Leader – Emerging Technologies/Maths
SF STAFFORD Mrs Helen Cover Supervisor – Tuesday and Thursday
XTY TAYLOR Mr Paul Behaviour Support Co-ordinator – Route 4
TH THOMPSON Mrs Kathryn Humanities 9 Austen
TO TOTHE Miss Samantha English 10 Austen
TOP TOPP Mrs Janet Student Services Manager
TY TRACEY Mrs Jacqui Interim Head of English 10 Barrow
TLY TULLY Mrs Stephanie Science Technician
WAD WADDINGTON Mrs Julia Faculty Support Assistant/Receptionist
XWA WADE Mrs Bessie Teaching Assistant
WAK WAKELING Mr Alan Caretaker
WAL WALKER Mrs Lauren HR and Cover Administrator
WA WARD Miss Dawn English/Media 7 Nightingale
WR WELLER Miss Beth Deputy SENCO 9 Nightingale
WS WILLIAMS Mrs Charlotte Head of Year 7/English
WT WINTER Mr Stephen Music 10 Nightingale
WD WOOD Mrs Claire Director of English
XWD WOODWARD Mrs Caroline Lower Dice Facilitator
WN WREN Mr Dale Head of Year 11/PE
XV XAVIER Mr Christian Computing