We expect all students to wear the full uniform whilst in school and on their way to and from school. This relieves pressure on you to buy expensive fashion items and ensures students are smartly and appropriately dressed for school.

Uniform Requirements

Compulsory School Uniform

Not Acceptable

From SWOTS:  ALL girls are required to wear the uniform skirt/trousers from SWOTS with school logo.

  • Green school blazer with school badge
  • School tie
  • Knee length pleated skirt with school logo
  • Black tailored trousers with school logo for girls

From elsewhere:

  • Black tailored trousers for boys: loose fit
  • White formal shirt with fused collar suitable for wearing with a tie
  • Plain black, plain white socks; plain black tights
  • Formal plain black, flat-heeled shoes
  • Plain outdoor coat appropriate for school
  • Mini-skirts, pencil skirts, long skirts, skirts with long slits, fashion trousers, tracksuit bottoms, cords or denims or any skirt/trousers not purchased from SWOTS
  • Casual blouses or shirts, T-shirts (Shirts must be worn tucked into trousers/ skirts)
  • Multi coloured socks/tights, patterned tights, over the knee socks, socks over tights
  • Trainers, sandals, backless shoes, boots, heels over 2” high, informal shoes such as canvas shoes
  • Hoodies, denims

Compulsory PE Kit


  • Green school polo shirt
  • Green and gold unisex long sleeve multi-activity top

From elsewhere:

  • Black school PE shorts
  • Black socks
  • Black football/rugby socks
  • Sports appropriate trainers for school PE (with non-marking soles)


 Not acceptable

  • Black school jumper with logo
  • Black PE sweatshirt with logo
  • Black PE t-shirt (KS4 only)
  • Black Skorts

From elsewhere:

  • Black track suit

  • Only 1 small pair of ear studs
  • 1 small single band ring and a watch are allowed. For safety reasons all jewellery must be removed for PE.


  • Hair colour must be natural and the style suitable for a formal context.
  • Hair bands etc should be black or dark green (school colours)


  • Make-up is not permitted in school.
  • Nail varnish is not permitted in school.
  • Alternative coloured jumpers, cardigans or tracksuits for school or PE
  • Coloured clothing under school shirts




Not acceptable 

  • Ear-rings of any kind, sovereign rings, nose studs,bracelets, necklaces, ankle bracelets, belly button rings or any additional body piercings.  No internet linked devices.
  • Hair dyed an unnatural colour, shaven hair or shaven tramlines or patterns in the hair. Hairstyles which would not be acceptable in a formal context.
  • Any visible make-up or nail varnish. Acrylic nails.