Governing Body

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Governors for 2016/17

Chairman Mr Ray Elgy
Vice-Chairman Mr Tim Wainwright
Link Governor Mrs Sue Winterton


Status Name Expiry Date
Co-opted (8) Mr Ray Elgy 31.08.2019
Mrs Sue Winterton 31.08.2019
Mr Steve Oxlade 31.08.2019
Mr Kevin Standish 31.08.2019
Mrs Geraldine Tidy 31.08.2019
Mr Tim Wainwright 31.08.2019
Mrs Sally Webber 31.08.2019
Dr Ben Mearns 31.08.2019
LA (1) Dr Joanna Goodman 16.01.2016
Parent (4) Mr Clive Wright 07.07.2017
Mr David Rowlands 23.09.2016
Mr Keith Waington 23.09.2016
Mr Russel Weston 07.07.2017
Headteacher Mr Ron Searle
Staff (1) Mr Mike Lockhart 22.11.2016
Chairman of Governors’ Committees
Resources Mr Tim Wainwright
Curriculum and Provision Dr Joanna Goodman
Management Mr Ray Elgy