Student Numbers and Applications

Total Number of students on roll September 2017 866
School’s published admission number 210
Number of first preference applications received by the closing date for September 2017 153
Number of second preference applications received by the closing date for September 2017 123
Number of third preference applications received by the closing date for September 2017   91


Number of students in Year 11 (2016/2017) at end of academic year
that progressed onto Further Education 93.3%
that entered employment or training  3%
other  3.7%

NB – best known values (based on known applications and declared intentions) as at end of Academic Year 2016 to 2017

Charging Policy

In accordance with the 1988 Education Act, all activities offered to students during the school day, whether on or off the premises, will be provided free of charge with the exception of individual and small group tuition in playing any musical instrument outside the requirements of GCSE examination courses or the National Curriculum.

Charges will be made for optional extras which take place wholly or mainly outside school hours.  Participation in any optional extra activity will be on the basis of parental choice and a willingness to meet such charges as are made.

There may also be other activities during the school day which are designed to extend and enhance the range of activities and experiences available to students, but which are beyond those encompassed within the National Curriculum and for which no LEA funding is available.  These will not be subject to charges but will only take place if sufficient voluntary contributions are made to support the activity.

The School will respond sympathetically to genuine cases of hardship brought to its attention to ensure that no student is unreasonably denied the opportunity to be involved in the range of activities organised by the School.

Statutory Documentation

The School underwent an OfSTED inspection on the 13th – 14th February 2013. Copies of the full report (price £2.50) are also obtainable from the School or downloaded free here.

Documentation on the curriculum, LEA and Governors’ policies and Government statutory orders and circulars can be inspected at the School.