Community Lectures

Community Lectures

Our annual science or technology based Warwick lecture has proved very popular within the local community and we have been incredibly successful (and fortunate) in attracting some leading scientists, technologists and engineers to come to The Warwick to deliver these lectures. Previous lectures have covered:

  • Exploring the Solar System (delivered by Prof Andrew Coates from Mullard Space Science Laboratory) – our first ever lecture here
  • The Bloodhound SSC Land Speed Record Car (delivered by Dave Rowley from the Bloodhound SSC team),
  • Modern Forensics (Prof Dave Povey, University of Surrey)
  • The Intelligence of Man and Machine (about computing and delivered by Dr Guy Billings from University College London)
  • Energy (delivered by Laurie Winkless, National Physical Laboratories)
  • Poisons ; Murder from a Chemical Point of View (by Dr Kathryn Harkup)
  • A Perfect Picture ; the Science of Modern Photography (Dr Radu Sporea (University of Surrey) and Dr Andrew Pye

These lectures are targeted at all ages—from Primary student to mature learner and each has proved very popular.

There is never a charge for attending, everyone is welcome

For our 2016 Warwick Science Lecture, “Looking for Life on Mars” (Wednesday 7 December 7:30 p.m. in the hall here at the Warwick School) we are delighted to welcome Professor Andrew Coates back to The Warwick School as it is exactly 10 years since he delivered the very first of our Warwick Science Lectures (“Exploring the Solar System”) in 2006.

  • He is one of the UK’s (and Europe’s) foremost space scientists holding the position of Professor, Head of Planetary Science Group at University College London/Mullard Space Science Laboratory and is also a renowned science author and regular broadcaster.
  • In talking about Looking for Life on Mars, Prof Coates will describe the current Exomars orbiter mission and his work on developing the PanCam (Panoramic Camera) for the ESA Mars Lander/Rover mission currently scheduled for 2020

We look forward to welcoming you on the evening

If you would like any more details please contact Mr Hopkins, as shown below:

Allan Hopkins Community Links Manager, The Warwick School t : 01737 378471 e :