Parent/carer surveys

At The Warwick School we regularly seek the views of both parents and students as well as other stakeholder. We aim to feedback to parents in terms of four key areas:

1. Praise – what is working well for parents and students

2. Concerns – what is preventing progress for parents and students

3. Response – what actions will be taken in response to praise and concerns

4. Parental comments – a sample of quotations from surveys as to what parents believe is working well and what might need to change


At the end of last academic year we conducted surveys of both parents and students during parents’ evenings and as discrete surveys about key areas such as internet safety, bullying, PSHCE intervention courses and use of Visual Learning Environments to support learning.

This academic year we have conducted surveys during our Year 7 Parents’ Evening with tutors and with parents attending our presentation evening advising about the new educational landscape and how best to support young people academically and to ensure cyber safety.

Our surveys show the following:

1. Praise

Year 7 parents are impressed with the way in which transition to secondary school has been managed. They report that their children feel happy, well supported and are being challenged to achieve their full potential. All Year 7 parents found the induction pack very useful and all found the Induction Day a valuable experience to aid transition. No concerns were raised about safeguarding on Induction Day.

  • 99% of students in the survey 2011/12 reported that they feel happy at school
  • 100% of students in the survey 2011/12 reported that they felt safe at school;
  • 96% of students in the survey 2011/12 reported that they felt they made good progress at school
  • 98% of students in the survey 2011/12 reported that they felt the school was well led and managed


2. Concerns

Year 7 parents were asked for suggestion as to how to improve next year’s transition. The only issue raised was a request for a longer transition period for students to find their way around school before the issuing of detentions for lateness. Year 7 parents also advised that they felt the first parents’ meeting was a little too soon in the year and there was a request for coffee to be provided during the evening as well as tea and squash.

3. Response

  • The Head of Year 7 reviewed where detentions had been set for Year 7 and advised staff accordingly
  • The Deputy Head (Pastoral) has diarised a review of the meeting dates for parents’ evenings
  • The Deputy Head (Pastoral) has requested that coffee is also served during the parents’ evenings

4. Parental comments

  • ‘Enjoyed induction; settled some fears and made her look forward to her new school. I think it would be difficult to improve the day’
  • ‘You did a fantastic job’
  • ‘So far there has been a welcoming atmosphere and my child has enjoyed it’
  • ‘First parents’ meeting a little too soon’
  • ‘Please provide coffee during parents’ evening’