Pastoral Care

Children are supported through an exceptionally strong pastoral system, starting with a form group tutor who meets his or her tutor group every day. Each tutor group is part of a year structure with up to two Heads of Year responsible for the students in each year group and generally staying with them from Year 7 to Year 11. Supporting the pastoral team is our Pastoral Co-ordinator who oversees robust transition arrangements for new Year 7s to ensure students arrive well prepared and well supported from the start. Overall, the emphasis is on positive reward and promoting a highly inclusive culture, although strong discipline is enforced if necessary. 

Year 7 students

Year 7 students are well supported with Year 10 mentors as well as having access to the prefect teams and extended pastoral support teams, both within and outside of school. As an additional support, volunteer peer mentor teams work with younger students offering them periods of in-class support and assistance with activities during tutor group time. If parents have a concern about their child that they wish to discuss with the school, they are asked to contact their child’s Head of Year in the first instance.

Pastoral Organisation

The Tutor group Teacher

The essential foundation for all good pastoral care lies in the relationship between student and form teacher. The form Teacher can, because of regular contact at registration and in tutorial time, get to know and take an active interest in all members of the tutor group. In such circumstances it is much easier to spot the student whose behaviour or appearance changes, and many issues and decisions can be dealt with most effectively at this level. Form teachers play a major role in the first Parents’ Evening held during the autumn term to discuss the initial settling in and progress of students in Year 7.

Heads of Year

For each year group of students there is a team of two or three Heads of Year who maintain a close liaison with form teachers and share in the process of getting to know individual students within a year group. The teams are supported by two dedicated administrators who may well respond to telephone and e-mail enquiries from families. The Heads of Year will discuss with form teachers and senior staff the more significant problems that some children have to face. They will take on a more personal involvement in helping to rectify difficulties as they arise.

Uniquely at The Warwick School we have an assigned post for a pastoral co-ordinator who not only organises and oversees our transition programme but also liaises with a wide range of external agencies to provide a wide range of support for both students and their families. As needed, the pastoral co-ordinator manages meetings with parents and students to complete Common Assessment Frameworks which signpost clear support packages for families and enable young people to focus more clearly on their education.

The School Counsellor

The Warwick School is fortunate to have the services of highly experienced, trained Counsellors who work with students and students referred to them through the school’s pastoral system or who, on occasions, seek their help and guidance themselves.  Conversations with counsellors are private and confidential.  Appointments are normally arranged through the Heads of Year, through the Pastoral co-ordinator or through the confidential self- referral post box outside Student Services.