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Virtual Sports Day

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Remote Excellence Programme 2-6-20

Dear Parents and carers
Following the announcement from the Prime Minister on 10 May and the guidance that followed to schools, we welcome the support from Surrey County Council and their understanding of the need to proceed with caution as we begin to plan for Year 10 students to have some face to face time in school.
I attach a letter outlining the thinking from Surrey at present. My Senior Leadership, Governors and Unions are in the process of establishing how this will look for students at The Warwick School.  All of us really want to see your children and help them with their learning but we also know there is need to do it properly and safely.  I will write again on Friday with details of how we will be proposing this might look after the break.
For now I can only encourage the students to keep logging in and completing the tasks set by staff, to stay home and enjoy the good weather and to help you out as much as possible around the house.
Best wishes
Miss K Oakley

SCC Letter to Parent and Carers 19-5-20

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