For Parents

Excellence is the watchword for all we strive for at the Warwick School and it is my privilege to welcome you to a school community which places the needs and aspirations of each individual at the heart of all it does.

Mission and Vision

Overriding Aims:

  • to ensure that the potential of each learner is optimised;
  • to encourage young people to be knowledgeable, creative, inventive and socially and morally responsible and to instil in them enduring motivation and adaptability so that they are able to excel and enjoy life in an ever-changing world.


The Warwick School will:

  • be considered ‘the school of choice’ for the people of Redhill, Reigate and the surrounding areas;
  • provide a curriculum catering for the needs and aspirations of all students which will be a model of excellence;
  • provide outstanding teaching and learning so that the achievement of students will be excellent regardless of their starting points, Special Educational Needs or Disabilities or the curriculum pathways they follow;
  • provide an exceptional level of care, guidance and support provided to each individual;
  • offer outstanding careers information, advice and guidance and individual support;
  • collaborate with its partner schools, colleges and other agencies to ensure the personal development of each young person in its care;
  • recruit staff of the highest possible quality regardless of role;
  • provide staff with continuing professional development, enhancing and improving the practice of all staff to the level of the best;
  • develop a learning environment which is resourced to a level and quality which provides a model for others within and beyond Surrey;
  • be a focal point for the local community in its provision of facilities and services beyond the school day;
  • create an environment which is founded upon openness, trust and mutual respect between all stakeholders;
  • be a school of which students, parents and the members of the wider community will be proud.