Time Capsule Challenge

The Time Capsule Challenge is like a virtual Summer School for our students, and we are offering it as part of our Excellence Programme.

Excellence is all about developing skills, knowledge and interests that are BEYOND the scope of the normal curriculum. We know that this will help our students to enter the adult world better equipped to secure great jobs, be useful members of their communities, and lead meaningful lives.


  • Sign up HERE to show your intention to be part of the Time Capsule Challenge
  • Write a letter or poem to the person in the future who will be opening your time capsule describing what you have learnt, how you have felt and what you are grateful for during the period of Covid19 lockdown
  • Choose any 4 of the tasks below and enjoy completing them
  • Take a photo or video of what you achieve or create
  • Email the photos and your letter or poem to excellence@warwick.surrey.sch.uk
  • Upload any videos to the Time Capsule Folder you will find in Teams

In September, we will bury the Time Capsules on the school grounds, as we complete the last of the building works at the front of the site.

We will award credits to everyone who submits a completed set of Time Capsule tasks AND there is a Grand Prize for the best submission in each year group.

Quest for Knowledge

Charity Awareness

Coronavirus Comprehension


Get into Suduko

Understanding Racism

History Podcast Review

Creativity Kudos

5 Ingredients Cooking Challenge

Land Art Challenge

Practical Dua Lipa Singing Activity

Damien Hirst Rainbow Heart

Knitting & Crochet Task

Technical Drawing and Google Computer Aided Design

Plastic Pollution Challenge

Vegan Cookery Task

Making Mats and Friendship Bracelets from Recycled Materials

Gratitude is the Best Attitude – Make a greeting card for someone in need

Let’s Get Physical

Couch to 5k

Sports Skills Challenge – Balancing, Juggling, Football Keepy Uppeys

Create a Short Dance Routine

Igniting Imagination

Igniting Your Imagination Through Reading

Make Your Own Book Character

An Introduction to Physical Theatre – The Frantic Method

Fashion Outfit Challenge

Lego Challenge

Mindfulness Drawing – Inky Wonderlands

Expanding Your Music Experience

Super Science

Fun with Density – Rainbow Glass

Home Chemistry Experiment – Creating Crystals, Lava Lamps and Rubber Eggs

Create a Moth Trap

Mountain First Aid

Nature Identification Task

Vegetable Growing