Help With Your Revision and Exam Planning

Please find attached three documents to help you get organised and feel focused for the forthcoming period of time – the lead up to the exams and then during the exams.

The first document, called 2020 Revision & Exam Planner, is a four-month overview taking you from the Mock Exams next week right through to the end of June when we have the Leavers Ball. I have entered onto this the holiday dates and all your CORE EXAM dates (English, Maths, Sciences and PEx). You now need to ADD your OPTION SUBJECT exam dates to it (Mr Rolt has already given you a personalised list of all your exams on paper, so just transfer from that.)

This will give you a real sense of what the WHOLE of the next four months looks like, and you can see the reward of the Prom at the end of it.

The second attached document is called Revision Weekly Planner. You can use this to set up a weekly plan of what to revise and when. It is useful to see your day as three distinct “units of time” – morning, afternoon, and evening. You can then allocate 2-hour revision sessions into those blocks. It is not advised to study for more than 2 hours in any one session before taking a break. I suggest you print out 15 copies of this, one for each week. Then you can decide what topic to allocate to revise in each block of time.

The last thing to do, to make this all work smoothly, is to create a topic list of everything you need to revise for each of your subjects. I have attached a Topic Check List for ALL Subjects, a framework you could use for this. Some of your teachers will most likely have given you a list of what you need to learn or you can find a Specification for each subject on the website here. You could also use the Contents Page of the Revision Guides for each subject where everything you need to cover is listed.