World Book Day

Who’s That Behind the Mask?

To celebrate our love of books for World Book Day this year, we have been inspired by the ITV television show ‘The Masked Singer’ and have created our very own competition ‘The Masked Reader‘!

On Wednesday through to Friday, we will release a video of disguised staff members reading from their favourite book or poem – but can you guess who they are? Just watch the videos before completing the form below, where you will find a list of potential readers and attempt to work out who is who!

Three students will have the chance to win a prize upon successfully identifying each reader and winners will be drawn on Monday 8th March!

Wishing you the very best of luck in guessing Who’s That Behind the Mask!?

Friday Guess Form

Thursday Guess Form

Wednesday Guess Form

Friday 5th March

Thursday 4th March

Wednesday 3rd March

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